The skincare edit | How to start a skincare routine & what you really need

Part one: Basic Skincare Routine – for skincare newbies or those wishing to update their routine.

Skincare is a personal thing and when our skin looks its best, we feel our best. Therefore, it’s so important to get your skincare routine in check. So how do we do this exactly? Well here is a couple of bits of advice and some products I love (or come highly recommended) to get you started.


Everyone’s skin is so different when it comes to skincare, so no routine is going to work the same on two people – keep that in mind when reading recommendations.

Starting a skincare routine can be a little overwhelming – there are so many products to choose from – but the trick is selecting key products, knowing how and when to use them and then building on this. Achieving the glowing skin we all strive for doesn’t happen in a week, its takes time.


Your new routine doesn’t have to be complicated, consisting of 27 products and skincare gadgets……it can be as easy as:





To begin, the ‘less is more’ approach is often the way to go. If you are cleansing away make up and dirt, slapping on the moisturiser and using an SPF you’re on the right track.


Whenever I’ve started a new skincare routine it always seems like a hassle and I can’t be bothered, but I stuck with it and feel so happy when I see changes in my skin.

Allow a bit if extra time in the morning and evening to add in these small steps – trust me, your skin will thank you for it!



Cleansing is the best way to set your skin up for success. All good routines start here.

Wash your face with your cleanser and rinse off with a clean flannel and warm water.

I love Dermalogica cleansers, they have one to suit every skin type. A good all rounder is Special Cleansing Gel - a favourite of mine.

TONER/EXFOLIATING LOTION – Ideally this should be acidic (Sounds scary but it’s not I promise)

Apply this to cotton pads and wipe all over face.

If you have sensitive skin, or you are just concerned about using acids, start by using them twice a week and see how your skin reacts. A product I LOVE and always go back to is Daily Resurfacer by Dermalogica. It comes in individually wrapped applicator mitts for your finger tips, so is really easy to use. Another top seller is Pixi Glow Tonic this one is also a bit more budget friendly.


I love this step, boosts hydration and is so refreshing. Hold the bottle away from your face and spritz lightly all over (don’t forget to close your eyes……and mouth!) Here's a couple for you to try - Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator smells amazing and feels really luxurious. Another Pixi product for you Hydrating Milky Mist provides an instant surge of hydration with Hyaluronic Acid.



Eye cream first. Everything else afterwards. This ensures it gets absorbed exactly where we want it, without getting blocked by other products. Here are a few massage movements for around the eye area, I've been doing them everyday and I love it!

  • BRIGHTENING MOVE Tap your middle finger from your temples, along the cheekbone to the bridge of the nose to encourage lymphatic drainage.

  • BROW-LIFTING MOVE Sweep your middle finger under the eyebrow, following the brow bone, to the outer edge of the eye. Finish with a firm press at the temples.

  • ANTI-DARK CIRCLES MOVE Gently pinch the skin all along the edge of your eye socket area, to boost microcirculation.

  • STRESS-BUSTING MOVE Using your thumbs, press firmly for five seconds above the inner corners where the crease of your eyelid begins.

My current eye cream is Obagi ELASTIderm it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help to tighten the skin around the eyes (as I'm heading towards my mid 30's I need all the help I can get!) another product which is a staple in my kit is Stress Positive Eye Lift use this as a normal eye cream or apply a generous layer and leave for 3-5 mins as a quick boost masque.


You can use choose a serum or an oil, or a mixture of both. Generally, serums are applied first, especially water-based ones, followed by oil. If you have a rich or heavily siliconed serum skip the oil and go straight to moisturiser. Follow the instructions on your products, this will tell you how many drops to use.

There are a lot of serums and oils to choose from. You can base your selection on skin concerns you'd like to target. A good place to start is Obagi Vitamin C Serum (my current choice) this brightens and promotes an even skin tone. If your skin is dry try Phyto Replenish Oil - this will leave your skin luminous and hydrated. Oily skin? Skin Hydrating Booster is for you, it will hydrate your skin without being greasy and also helps clear up spots.


Choose your moisturiser based on skin type, not the condition. Try not to go for something that is mattifying, skin isn’t designed to be ‘matte’ if you know your skin tends to be oily then go for a serum containing hyaluronic acid or oil-free moisturiser. Make up can be used to get a ‘matte’ effect. Use a small amount (think 10p size) and massage in all over the face.

I've always used Dermalogica moisturisers, they have a good range for different skin types so its easy to pick something that you feel will work for you skin.


A separate SPF is always the best idea, its better to be safe than sorry! And no, you can’t use SPF as a moisturiser! This is hands down my favourite SPF for the face Helio 360 Mineral Tolerance Fluid SPF50 absorbs quickly and is not greasy at all.



Wearing SPF and make up means you need to double cleanse, they are designed to stay on your face, please take the time to remove them.

A pre-cleanse oil or balm is the best way to remove make up and SPF. Dermalogica do one which smells AMAZING, my clients always comment on how lovely it is - Pre-cleanse. Start on the eyes then spread out across the rest of the face, rinse off with a flannel and warm water. Followed by a quick cleanse with a lighter cleanser (the one used for your morning routine is fine)


HYDRATING MIST – you can skip this step at night if you wish, it is nice for extra hydration, but it’s totally up to you.

EYE CREAM – as above


This is where you can really go to town with a luxury product. Choose a good facial oil or serum, whatever you feel you need for your skin. The oil I'm currently using is Overnight Repair Serum which is great for normal/dry skin types.

MOISTURISE – as above. Or you could choose a slightly richer night cream.


Helen x

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