How long will they course be?

This course is a 2 Day Course Plus photoshoot day

What dates will this course be running?

We have one starting on the 25th to the 26th November 2020 plus a Photoshoot day on the 27th November 2020


How much will this course be?

This course is £450 including a £100 Deposit to secure you're spot. 

Whats included? 

Learn the basics of hair styling.

We will go over the basics of hair prep, styling, the tools and the products.

Hair practical with 3 complete portfolio looks.

Aswelll as the 2 looks you will practice on each other you will also get the chance to use a model for your final look with chance of a practice run. 

Learn the trends of the seasons for all year round bridal looks.

the trends of the seasons have a big impact on the brides final look. we will show you the trends from spring to winter to compliment the seasons and show you the impact the weather will have on the hair. 

We will demonstrate a live trial so you know what to ask and what to expect.

This is an important part of this course. Many courses just show you the basics and then send you out into the world without any knowledge of how to run a trial and what to ask your bride to get the best from your trials. We will go over a live demo so you know exactly what to ask, how long it should take and how to give your bride the luxury experience. 

Learn how to take your own photos for a professional portfolio.

Claire will show you how to take a professional looking image to impress your potential brides with! We will also take a professional shot for you, edit and email over to you once completed. 

A final look photoshoot

this is where you can put everything you have learnt into practice on your final model. Complete with Nortier Shallow Bridal dresses & Victoria Harper hair pieces & fresh flowers to finish the look.

Business and social media guidance with aftercare.

We will give you advice on how to start your hair & makeup business, how to promote yourself and where to begin in this amazing industry. We also offer aftercare, this will be a chance to shadow us at weddings and see us in action. Along with a Facebook group for support after the course. 

Please contact us to book your place on this amazing course! 

Bridal Hair 

BABTEC Accredited