Your 1:1 accredited course in 

Bridal Makeup

4 Days

This is a comprehensive, one to one, accredited course. Teaching you on an individual basis means you will have my full attention at all times, learn at a pace best for you and your skill set, at a date and time that works for you! Teaching you bridal makeup, covering looks from every season, from start to finish.


We also cover the business & photography basics. This will mean you can skip some of the mistakes a lot of new businesses make in the first 3 years. Giving you a fast track to a successful hair styling business in the wedding industry.


We can’t think of a better way to learn and kick start your career!



  • Theory

  • Product, tools and hygiene

  • Skin preparation & consultation

  • 5 complete makeup demonstrations & practical’s

  • Various eyelash applications

  • Contour & conceal

  • Various eye shapes & colours

  • Learn how to take professional looking images of your work

  • Final photoshoot day

  • Completion of up to 6 complete makeup looks for your portfolio

  • Business basics to get you started

  • Kit recommendations

  • 3 months free aftercare & support


By the end of this course you will be able to….


  • Prepare, Consult & Style your brides makeup effectively & confidently

  • Have an understanding of the various skin types, skin finishes & the products needed to create the desired look.

  • Enhance your brides best features and conceal correctly.

  • learn the styles of the seasons and how to weather proof them.

  • Have the confidence to use the correct tools , techniques and products to transform your bride.

  • Take amazing photos of your work for your social media and online marketing platforms.

  • Kick start your business with our fast track knowledge, cutting out the common mistakes.

  • Have the professional insurance needed to start your business.

  • Create your own kit with professional discount & product recommendations.

  • Become a member of our community, with help & continuous learning, long after the course finishes.



You can be fully qualified and ready to start your business in bridal makeup, in only 4 days, for just £1,100!


This also gives you your first 3 months of free membership to our online academy (soon to be launched) for continuous learning! With our continuous support and aftercare, you will have all you need to grow your business in your first year, faster then we did in our first 3 years!

We really hope your as excited as we are about being a part of this course and being a part of this amazing industry.


We cant wait to meet you!

* Payment plan optional.

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